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Transformative Networking

Simultaneously Increase your Skills and your Network


I presented this talk at Agile and Beyond on March 9!

My revised slides are here.

Transformative Networking ChainMy slides from my talk "Refactor Your Software Career" at Agile Groupies on October 24, 2012

Refactor your Software Career

"Selling yourself" is hard work. Do you send out resumes and get no response back? Or do you land interviews at companies you like but don't get offers?

Maybe you:
In this talk, Jeff Hoover will recount his nearly three-year journey out of a stagnating career and into a position as craftsperson /coach in a growing agile consulting firm. You will learn specific techniques to build networks, obtain new skills, gain needed experience, raise your profile, and ultimately land a job you're truly excited about.


Jeff is a software craftsperson and coach for Pillar. His work is focused on the interface between engineering practices and sometimes-overlooked "soft skills". His passions for helping others and developing talent have been demonstrated as a contributor to, a facilitator for several Day in the Life of Agile classes for Pillar, co-facilitation of a CodeRetreat, and participation in several weekends of "Coding in the Clink" at Marion Correctional Institute in Ohio.

Jeff's Blog:

Treetown Agile Adventures
Or see the final slide of my slides for more contact options.